Rechargeable efile usb


Product model:  S-001
Power supply: rechargeable / usb
Voltage: 5V 
Colour: Pink 



Small light at the head

Forward and reverse control.

High low speeds for fast and easy use.



Package Included:


1 x Handpiece

5 x Drill bit heads

1 x Cable usb

1 x Manual

This speed is great for all types of nail work from sculpting, buffing, grnding to polishing.
. Great for a salon or home use.
The nail file can be used for natural nails.

- Low noise and vibration (comfortable)

- Ventilation design for long use

- Speed control (easy to operate) b2bsetting

- Suitable for natural nails 

- Multi use: carving, sanding, polishing, shaping and so on



Rechargeable efile usb